The Single Most Effective Marketing And Sales-Generating System For VARs, MSPs And IT Services Firms
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BRAND-NEW Million-Dollar Managed Services Marketing Blueprint


A Complete MSP Marketing System Guaranteed To Deliver More And Better Qualified Clients For Your Managed Services Business

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With the Managed Services Blueprint, you will get the MOST COMPREHENSIVE, COMPLETE, and EASY to follow marketing system for selling managed services that has already been PROVEN to work by thousands of MPSs from around the world.

You will also learn what other MSPs are including and charging for their managed services plans, how they are structuring their deals, and other insider secrets from multi-million dollar MSPs for building a profitable, fast-growing manages services business from the ground up.

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Here are just a FEW of the highlights from the program:

Craig Hillyard

The First Campaign Brought In $36,000... The Second Brought In $20,000

"When I first saw Robin's Million-Dollar Managed Services Blueprint, I was really skeptical; it sounded a bit too good to be true. But I decided to give it a try... after all, what did I have to lose? Looking back I'm VERY glad I enrolled. Using her materials as the foundation of our managed services offering, we were able to get over the '$1 million' hurdle and are now at $1.5 million. The first campaign we rolled out brought in $36,000 in annual revenue, and the second brought in about $20,000. The first two campaigns were targeted to a small base and in total cost me under $1,000 to run so I see it as a good return on investment. It was a personal challenge to not change anything and just run the whole thing, and I'm glad I just did it. But the biggest benefit to me was helping me to understand hot to approach my IT marketing plan and hot to articulate to my clients what I was offering... and not in a geeky technical way, but in a way that really resonated with them. The worksheets provided a great guide on what to do and how to do it. Plus, it was just good general MSP training for building an MSP marketing plan for my managed services business. The Blueprint really is a GREAT investment and you won't be disappointed. I highly recommend it to any MSP who needs help in IT marketing."

Craig Hillyard
Network Data Services, Inc.
Brett Jaffe

We Went From Financing Payroll With Credit Cards To Generating Over $19,400 In Bottom Line Profits Every Month

"All I can say is that we are going gangbusters with managed services. The entire pitch has come from your materials and telesemninars and it's really working. We went from being worried about paying the bills and financing payroll with credit cards, to being PROFITABLE on the 1st day of each month. We are only 6 months into your materials but now we're generating over $19,400 in recurring, bottom-line profits."

Brett Jaffe
President, Axis Micro
John Sandy

We Sold 15 New Managed Services Contracts In 4 Months

"I bought Robin's program last year at SMB Nation and it has been a tremendous eye-opener for me. Up until that point, we had sold clients quarterly onsite maintenance visits, project work, and break-fix services, but nothing like the managed services program we offer today. The biggest benefit to me so far has been the framework to move forward on selling managed services. You gave us the model for packaging, pricing, and promoting it to our clients, which we did very successfully. Under your direction, we went to our existing clients first and sold 15 contracts within 4 months. This not only helped our overall revenue and profitability, but it also revealed a number of operations holes in the business that we needed to improve. Thanks to this surge of new business we are much more efficient at servicing our client. Your materials, coaching, and advice have provided us the confidence and encouragement to move forward. Your recommendation of 'don't wait for the perfect plan – just start moving' was invaluable. You have been a tremendous help to us and it's been a lot of fun to see this project unfold. Thanks for all you do!"

John Sandy
ISC Manager, James Moore and Company
Malcolm McGee

Total Revenue Up 57.1%

"Although money was tight, I knew I needed to invest in learning how to market my business - and I needed to learn it fast. So when I heard about Robin, I jumped in with both feet and purchased the Toolkit and Managed Services Blueprint, an investment that has really paid off. The year-over-year growth is as follows:

Total Revenue: +57.1%
Gross Profit: +27.1%
Total Income: +26.3%

Malcolm McGee
CMIT Solutions of San Antonio
Brad and Victoria Myers

Our Recurring Revenue Is Up 87%, Profit 292%!

"Thanks to Robin's MSP marketing, we've converted all of our clients to managed services and now total income is up by 41% and gross profit is up by 292%! With the economy as bad as it is, I'm not even sure we would still be in business had we not had the IT marketing handled."

Brad and Victoria Myers
Myers Network Solutions
MJ Shoer

With Robin's Materials, It's A One-Call Close

"I can clearly see the pattern of growth since becoming involved in Robin's program, and this has been our best year yet! Overall, we are averaging better than 20% growth annually right now and are tracking a 25+% increase year to date. More importantly, it was the year we showed our most substantial net profit, after all salaries, benefits and bonuses."

MJ Shoer
Jenaly Technology Group Inc.